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Last updated July 7, 2022

The Imaging Clinician

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The Imaging Clinician is Virtual Videostroboscopy training in 5 modules. It includes reasons why you would use videostroboscopy, the importance of using this incredible tool, rigid and flexible videostroboscopy specifics, a real-life patient evaluation from start to finish, how to apply your stroboscopic findings to your patient treatment plans, and how to analyze what you see compared to normal laryngeal function. Our modules include multiple real videostroboscopy videos with analysis voice-overs during the footage so you can watch them multiple times.

Endoscopic instrumentation should NOT be intimidating and NOT be out of reach.

All SLPs don’t have the same opportunities in their graduate programs, and most licensed SLPs don’t have options for this training. The pandemic has made observation and mentorship even more difficult for voice disorders and endoscopic instrument training. Hang out with us while we walk you through training that is the first of its kind for better clinicians and better patient outcomes. We want to arm you with the knowledge, the resources, and the confidence as you begin working with stroboscopy. Get scoping!



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  1. Blake Edes

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Very easy to follow and straight forward explanations. Looking forward to more courses like this!

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