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“This course is absolutely crucial for private practice newbies like myself. I literally just had someone today asking for supplemental private pay SLP services and he’s a medicare advantage patient. I really like the decision mapping on the handout because its easy to read and easy to find your answer quickly. I think the lecture is great because your deliverance is perfect…..slown rate (It takes a minute to process all this new stuff!) and you feel very personable. I feel connected because you are speaking casually but informative. Too stuffy is not credible and you keep it on our level with the team and when the terms are big or unfamiliar you break it down. Love this course and I’m telling everyone I know about you guys. So proud of all you’re doing and I know it blesses so many clinicians out there needing support.”

Melissa Grassia-Chisolm

Frequently Asked Questions

CCC stands for Confident Clinician Cooperative. We want to include you in our cooperative so you can become the knowledgeable SLP, SLT, SLPA or CFY you need to be for your patients. All 3 of CCC’s founding members recognized a lack of support in the area of voice science education and experience as well as business knowledge for those graduating with their degrees. We are working together with your help to fill that gap and help patients get the qualified care they deserve.

For now our courses are pay as you learn. They are all on-demand and include a variety of recorded live courses and learning modules. Each course is priced differently based on content and length.

We offer virtual mentorship on a variety of topics including private practice business model, contracting with insurance payers, voice evaluation and rehabilitation skills, and more. Mentorship can be in a group or one-on-one setting, based on your specific needs. We want to provide you with individualized support.

You can buy multiple courses, or start with one. The benefit of on-demand is that you can work at your own pace and only pay for what you need moving forward.

The mission of the Confident Clinician Cooperative is to supply clinicians with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to be leaders in their places of work, or to start their own company. We think experiences are an important part of education and want you to contact us if you’d like to collaborate. Become a voting member to start teaching as part of our Cooperative.

When you complete a course, you’ll have the option to download a participation document showing you attended the course. You also get a certificate for completing mentorship sessions. Although we are not accredited by ASHA as an “approved CEU provider,” we still qualify as continuing education at the professional level. This means that if you attend our courses, and if you’re ever audited, your participation counts towards your CEUs, even though ASHA will not keep track of it in their CEU registry.

Since courses are pay as you go, there’s no need to cancel anything at this time. You will have access to your course for 1 year after purchase so you can view as many times as you like.

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